Disable Alarm Actions

Never knew you could disable Alarm Actions on a particular object in a datacenter, until tried it myself 🙂

Basically,  you can create folders in respective inventories such as Network, Storage, Virtual Machines etc, move the objects to the respective folders and disable the Alarm Action on that folder.

For ex. If you want to disable the Alarm Actions on a particular Datastore, just create a Folder in the Datastore inventory view, move the datastore into the Folder> Right Click the Folder> Alarms> Disable Alarm Actions. This will only disable the datastores alarms actions which are being propogated from the root folder.

Appreciate any comments/feedback.

Vmware Tools Status_PowerShell Script

After learning PowerShell, this is my first script!

Save the below contents in a notepad file and save it as .ps1 extn.

$vcenter = read-host “Please enter the vCenter name”
Write-Host “Connecting to vCenter Server”
Connect-VIServer $vcenter
Get-VM | where {$_.Guest.OSFullName -like “*Windows*”} | Sort Name | `
Select     @{N=”VMName”; E={$_.Name}},
@{N=”HardwareVersion”; E={$_.Extensiondata.Config.Version}},
@{N=”ToolsVersion”; E={$_.Extensiondata.Config.Tools.ToolsVersion}},
@{N=”ToolsStatus”; E={$_.Extensiondata.Summary.Guest.ToolsStatus}},
@{N=”ToolsVersionStatus”; E={$_.Extensiondata.Summary.Guest.ToolsVersionStatus}},
@{N=”ToolsRunningStatus”; E={$_.Extensiondata.Summary.Guest.ToolsRunningStatus}},
@{N=”Cluster”; E={(Get-Cluster -VM $_.Name).Name}},
@{N=”ESX Host”; E={$_.Host.Name}},
@{N=”ESX Version”; E={$_.Host.Version}},
@{N=”ESX Build”; E={$_.Host.Build}} | Export-Csv “C:\Tools.csv” -NoTypeInformation

Disconnect-VIServer $vcenter -Confirm:$false


*The script queries Windows VM’s only but you can always edit the script as per your requirements