vCenter Operations Manager – Complete installation guide with screenshots

The vCenter Operations Manager and Infrastructure Navigator vApp is easy to install but vCenter Configuration Manager requires bit of an effort.

I have attached the document which lists the step by step instructions with screenshots. Some pre reqs to be done before installing vCenter Configuration Manager:

  • In a single Tier setup all the 3 components i.e. DB, App and Web are installed on the same Server either physical or Virtual
  • In a Two-Tier split setup, install the SQL and VCM Database on one machine and IIS, SSRS, VCM Collector, VCM Web Console and VCM Reporting role on a separate machine
  • Database must be installed with server collation  SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, if not uninstall and reinstall SQL
  • The default encoding for collector and database server must be English (United States) 
  • I have listed the required service account and their permissions in the attached word file
  • While in Two Tier setup, install the SQL (ensure mixed mode authentication is selected, otherwise VCM installer wont detect the SQL instance) and VCM DB Component first, then install IIS, SQL Reporting Service and configure them as mentioned in the VMware Installation guide
  • Only use NetBios name while installing VCM otherwise the installation will fail at 90% which is frustrating
  • The VCM Collector component installation will take a hell lot of time while installing the 16th and 17th package, so please be patient

Please feel free to add any critical information that I may be missing

vCOM’s Installation_Screenshots