Objective 1.1 – Gather and analyze business requirements

This objective talks about general design considerations and tools to determine when to virtualize your servers.

I have written a post here to understand the fundamentals of VMware design.

It’s worth reading some of the interesting Virtualization case studies which you can access it here

I have written a blog post on P2V consideration here which gives details about identifying a candidate to virtualize the phyiscal servers

This objective even talks about the design process such as:

  • Running Design workshops
  • A quick Inventory of all the Infra items as to what is currently deployed and what can be used for Virtualization
  • Contact details of all the key stake holders, project coordinators, SME’s etc

Functional and Non Functional requirements:

Functional requirements are items that specifies a function that a system or component must be able to perform. For ex. Host an application,  basically the exact objectives behind running a virtualization project.

Non-Functional requirement is a statement of how the system must behave, it is a constraint upon the systems behaviour.  These are the items which are not covered in functional requirements, typically these revolve around Scalability, Capacity, Availability, Data integration, Recoverability and so on.

Conceptual, Logical and Physical Design:

Every design needs to have a concept, from a virtualization point of view the objectives can be Tiered Application hosting which consists of Users, Webserver, App/DB Server. Or it can be something like you want so and so Infra to be readily made available at a remote site(maybe for DR or Workload migration), basically the owner’s requirements.

The logical design phase is where you put everything on the paper to decide which design suits best to acheive the objectives defined by the owner. You can’t straightaway start constructing a building without having a blueprint or what needs to be done. Similarly without a design document it is impossible for you start building your Virtual environment.

The physical design phase is where you take an inventory of your existing Infrastructure and then build a deployment plan as to how you will implement the solution

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