Objective 3.1 – Transition from a Logical Design to a vSphere 5 Physical Design

This objective talks about the difference between Conceptual, Logical and Physical Design, let us look at each of them in detail:

Conceptual Design:

  • The owner is the one who decides what exactly they need, it is the actual requirement of the business, something like I need so and so application to be running on VMware Infrastructure with Shared and with xxx amount of Capacity and so on….
  • This phase is where the business requirements are drafted on paper and this drives the logical design directly
  • The budgets are usually covered in the Conceptual Design section

Logical Design:

  • Once the Conceptual Design is signed off, the Architect starts drafting a high level logical design
  • This phase discusses about how many ESXi server will be provisioned, what kind of Storage is going to be used and so on…
  • This phase also plays an important role to make Budget decisions

Physical Design:

  • This section details about the exact infrastructure components, make and model of Servers, CPU, RAM, NIC/HBA models, number and speed of disks, LUN sizes etc
  • This document can be very lengthy (100’s of pages) as it details the whole implementation plan of all the Infrastructure components

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