Objective 4.1 – Create an Execute a Validation Plan

This objective focuses on creating an appropriate Test Plan to test all the layers at the Infrastructure and Application Level. It should outline the specific steps and configurations to be tested in the validation process for VMware Infrastructure. This documentation should include but not limited to the below:

  • Application, Configuration and requirements details, such as ..Application Components (App, DB or Web server), Software Version and Hardware requirements
  • Virtual Machine Configuration, as in VM sizes, what kind of Hardware will the ESX/ESXi will use and so on…
  • Benchmark workload, the average and peak workloads
  • Create Test cases, as in…how many user’s are logged into at a particular time, what’s the CPU/Memory Utilization and so on…
  • It’s quite important to test the VMware Infrastructure such as vMotion, DRS, HA
  • You should test physical components as well, NIC, HBA, Cable failure, ESX server failure, Power Supply failure etc…

Let us also look at a Validation Plan:

  • Does it do what it was supposed to do, does it match the conceptual design? does it cater the functional requirements? does it really give the desired performance?
  • When things go wrong, how are people notified? the alerting, the fix and so on…
  • When you apply a fix, does that really fix the problem

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